The Maine Ole'Opry  was started in 2005 by Joan Cole and sponsored by the Pine Tree State Country Music Assoc.,Inc.. It is incorporated under the charter of The Pine Tree State Country Music Assoc.,Inc.  In 2007 inductions into  the Maine Ole'Opry were started. Performers inducted are chosen by the Opry management.   There shall be two inductees each year unless decided differently by management. The Maine Ole'Opry is made up of  NOW performing country music artists. Artists who are no longer performing may be inducted as honorary member at management discretion. Inductees are chosen for their  talent, stage presence, dedication, knowledge  of country music, audience appreciation and how they relate to other Opry members. They must have also appeared on previous Opry shows. The reason being to see audience response.

The Silver Spur Club ( the capitol of country music)  in Mechanic Falls  has agreed to be the  "Home Of The Maine Ole'Opry".  A plaque with all inductees on it,  a banner and pictures of the inductees are on display there. To see pictures of this great club and info on them you can view their website at


"2007" Inductees

Bob Elston, Slim Andrews, Dennis Doiron and Stevie Cee

Inductions done by Rusty Rogers (Honorary Member) and Patty Kempton

(Photo by Deb Cee

"2008" Inductees

Jewel Clark and Otto Proctor, Jr.

Honorary Member   Rusty Rogers



"2009" Inductees

Bonnie Rairdon and Bobby Reed

Honorary Member  Ginger Mae


June 20th "2010" Inductee

Richard Philbrook


October 3rd "2010" Inductee

Don Nickerson


June  5th  "2011" Inductee

Bobby Le


September 25th  2011 Inductee

Elton Record

September 25th  2011 Honorary Member Inducted

Russ Connell

June 10th 2012 Inductee

Gloria Jean Silke 

OCT.7TH 2012 Inductee

DeeDeeRecord Allen


Dennis Moro


Frank Coffin


Peter Allen, Chris Fyfe and Tommy Thompson


Performers who have appeared on ' Maine Ole'Opry" shows

Bob Elston (inducted 2007), Slim Andrews (inducted 2007), Dennis Doiron (inducted 2007), Stevie Cee (inducted 2007), Al Hawkes, Otto Proctor (Inducted 2008), Russ Connell (honorary member 2011), Ms. Petunia, Gary Moffett,Hugh Rowley, Brian Wardwell, Kayla Wass, Jewel Clark(Inducted 2008), Ev and Roseanna, Lefty Dean ,  Bonnie Rairdon (inducted in 2009), Don Nickerson (inducted in 2010), Richard Philbrook inducted in 2010), Bobby Le (inducted 2011), Bobby Reed, (inducted in 2009) DeeDee Allen (inducted 2012), Peter Allen,  Elton Record (inducted 2011) , Paul & Ellen Dube, Bill Giasson, Ginger Mae (honorary member 2009), Brian Gelina, , Dennis Moro (inducted 2013), Paul Martin. Garry Blackman, Jason Guimond, Kim McKinnon, Gloria Jean (inducted 2012), Anthony Nickerson , Ken Wentworth, Vance Tripp, Chad Hood, Sharon Buck, Bradly Hood, Malinda Liberty. Frank Coffin (inducted 2013), Tommy Thompson

Back up musicians  on shows have been

The Maine-ly Country Band, Rick Jennings, Ed Hinkley, Steve Lord, Bobby Le, Slim Andrews,Donnie Katlin  , Bruce Millard, Bobby Reed and The Wildhorse Band and The Frye Mountain Band, The Record Family Band, Country Mist Band, EzRiders, Cold Blue Steel. Allen Tradition